Find the Bathroom Shelves that are right for your bathroom

Bathroom shelves

Once you have purchased a bathroom suite or a bathroom set, then you have realized that bathroom shelving was one of the pieces not included in those packages. So, in this article we are going to learn more regarding bathroom shelves. Such as the different types of shelves and some great bathroom shelves ideas.

Bathroom Wall Shleves
Bathroom Wall Shleves

First on the list is Glass bathroom shelves. Bathroom glass shelves are a very attractive option for almost any bathroom, and these are by far my favorite. This type of shelf can be used anywhere in the house from TV components to TV remote holder, spice racks glass shelves can have so many uses all while improving the visual aspect of the home. Glass shelves in the bathroom though can have a towel rack attachments or can be used as corner shelves of various sizes and dimensions (Bathroom Corner Shelves can really save wasted space). They can be used in place of the bathroom medicine cabinet itself, to hold candles or soap or tooth brushes. Bathroom Shleves can even be installed into the shower itself to store items or be utilized as a shower caddy since glass is waterproof unlike wood. As you can tell the glass storage shelves have an assortment of uses for the bathroom and can ultimately be used for practically any small to medium storage solution.


There are obviously some disadvantages to bathroom wall shelves made from glass. Some of the disadvantages include weight limits. Also, they can occasionally have a pointy edge that could cause a serious injury. There are no bathroom glass shelves that come with a base that can sit on the floor. These all must be suspended from the wall, so this can leave room for holes or blemishes in the drywall if they come loose or if you wish to remove them. And let’s not forget the most obvious, glass breaks! Glass bathroom shelves are still my top choice when looking for an attractive bathroom wall shelves solution in your home.

Bathroom Wall Shelves
Bathroom Wall Shelves


The next option for bathroom wall shelves would be the most common and that is wood, or pressboard type materials for bathroom storage shelves. While this type of bathroom shelf is not as modern looking as the glass shelving alternative, they are much more durable. There are several options for wood that glass cannot compete with. The leading option would be bathroom shelves over toilet, these have a base and actually sits on the floor and can extend above the toilet. These prevent the need for stationary wooden structures being mounted above the toilet and are very easy to install. Usually you buy a premade kit, put it together and slide it over the toilet while it stays settled on the floor. Be sure to know the dimensions of the bathroom fill tank to ensure the item purchased will fit, since toilets come in many shapes and sizes. Wooden shelves also come in a suspended version installed directly into the wall without a floor base.  And finally, there are options for full wooden cabinets with doors. This feature is something that glass bathroom shelving options just cannot offer.


So we covered the positives on wooden style bathroom wall shelves, so what’s the cons? The cons would be that they are wood or pressboard, and once you get them wet and they can swell or warp! Painting them is a hassle and they are big and bulky to install. Customarily once the wooden shelves are installed, you are not moving them until you do a complete bathroom suite upgrade or a remodel project. Please keep in mind this is no small project! Bathroom shelves over the toilet would be the only exception to the difficult to remove statement, as a result of these not being fastened to anything. These can be a great alternative option for any bathroom storage shelve needs you may have.


Both wood and glass varieties have towel rack and toilet paper holder’s options available, so matching is not that difficult.

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