How to get that Cheap Bathroom Suite for your Budget

Cheap Bathroom Suites

So you are looking to buy a new cheap bathroom suites? Well, this can be an exciting purchase to make! Whether you’re building a new home, changing out your master bathroom or just looking to change out your dated items in your current bathroom. Shopping for your new cheap bathroom suite can be a fabulous experience, but it can also be overwhelming. So let’s get started!

Please note: Before moving on you will want to obtain the specific dimensions of the bathroom fixtures and the available space you have for each piece. Ex: the width and depth of the sink. You may also need to know the dimensions of the hallways getting to the bathroom and what will need to be removed first if you plan on doing the remodeling yourself.

The second thing you need to do after taking measurements is to set a budget, your budget should be the maximum that you are willing to spend and then try to beat this price that you set. The joy of beating this budget always becomes like a game to me, my goal is to normally beat my budget by a certain percentage, and as long as I do that then I am happy and feel good about my purchases. Being able to purchase bathroom suites cheap should not be something that is unobtainable! So, set a goal if you have fifteen hundred dollars to spend then set a goal to save 10% and spend a hundred and fifty less than you have budgeted for!

Cheap Bathroom Suite
Cheap Bathroom Suite

So when I was off to look for the two types of bathroom suites for my home 1) a cheap white bathroom suites for my main bathroom in my home and 2) cheap corner bathroom suites for my master bathroom. I went shopping for these bathroom suites with the same goals in mind to save 15% on each budget, this was my goal to make me feel like I had gotten a deal. In the next section I will share some tips for getting that cheap bathroom suites that you are looking for.

So I was off to my local hardware store and bathroom showrooms in my area to window shop and get prices. Keep in mind that when going into your local hardware store or bathroom showroom be sure to get your sales persons card or write their name down. Having the sales person’s name is good for when you start talking prices, you can make sure you are not wasting time in your negotiations by dealing with multiple people from the same location. Ask for their work schedule if need be, most people if willing to make a sale will give you this information. Be sure to bring something with you in order to write all this information down. You will need to get the sales person’s name for each store you go to, the days they are going to be working in order to not make a wasted trip when returning to the store to talk prices. You will also want ask if the stores price match their competitors or  if they offer any other discounts, do they have a preferred member list you can sign up for discounts (sometimes you don’t have to purchase anything first to become a member) and they will send you great coupons. Do they have a scratch and dent location in your area? These general tips should have you on the way to getting that cheap bathroom suites that you are looking for. Remember to shoot for that % goal you set earlier!

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