Finding the right type of Bathroom Wall Panels for your bathroom

Bathroom wall panels

Bathroom wall panels are commonly used by society today, at least in the shower or bath portion of the bathroom. There are many factors that make bathroom wall panels a great choice and the reason that it is the most common shower and tub wall option for people’s bathrooms today

There are great benefits to having bathroom wall panels instead of tiles. Some of the more popular reasons are that wall panels don’t have grout that can mold, they are not freezing cold to the touch and lastly they are the easiest to clean. Another benefit to bathroom wall panels over tile, is that they can be installed by most “do it yourselfers” in a day or so.

Bath Tub/Shower Insert
Bath Tub/Shower Insert

Bathroom wall tiles may take days to a week or possibly longer to get it right. With bathroom wall panels, if you mess up you simply get a new piece and recut it. Using bathroom wall tiles, if you make a mistake in the beginning you may have to scratch everything and start fresh. The only disadvantage to bathroom wall panels currently is color selections. Unfortunately, there is a limited selection of colors to choose from and there are not many custom options where color is concerned.

Some other benefits to bathroom wall panels are inserts or additions to the bathroom wall panels themselves. You can have that shower caddy built into the panel itself and not have a dreaded shower head hanging caddy. Another options is soap and wash towel holders; and these can be inset or outward facing. The benefit of having a soap dish in the corner of a bathroom wall panel is, obviously it is a space saver. These space saving options of inset or outward facing soap dishes and shower caddies are the reason this is the most common bathroom walls seen in homes today.

3-piece Bath Tub/Shower Insert
3-piece Bath Tub/Shower Insert

This type of bathroom wall panels can generally be applied to any surface that is currently present in your bathroom, no matter how awkward the space may be. These wall panels can usually be cut to fit any space. Bathroom wall panels are usually applied with caulk or adhesive material that is applied to the current surface. Then, the wall panel is pressed onto that surface and this makes for a lasting fit. Bathroom wall panels are applied in sections with either a tongue and groove joint, this allows each piece to be connected, or a channel will be used to connect one piece to another. Both of these methods will need to be caulked to prevent water penetration in the seams in which they have been connected. Reapplying caulk to the seams will be the most maintenance intensive portion of this type of bathroom wall, and that makes these type of bathroom walls nearly maintenance free.

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  1. I love this article on bathroom wall panels. It was so hard for me to choose what type of wall panel we wanted until I read this article. Great job and thank you.

  2. Hey thanks George, Bathroom wall panels can be a hard choice for sure. I’m glad you found some value in reading the article and that it helped you ultimately make a selection on which kind of wall panels to choose.

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