Bathroom Suite and Bathroom Set Buyers Guide

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A traditional bathroom suite consists of 3 separate pieces. This consists of a Toilet, bathtub/shower and sink. These can be purchased separately or purchased together as a matching package. When you purchase these items together, they are made by the same manufacturer with the same design and color scheme. Whether it is a bathroom suites for a small bathroom or average sized bathroom, typically a bathroom suite consists of this 3 piece category range. However, there are some additional variations of these types of complete bathroom suites.

American Standard Bath Tub
American Standard Bath Tub

These can include 4 to 5 piece sets. These bathroom suites normally include one or more of the following items; Bathtub, Shower, Toilet, Sink and Bidet. The bidet is generally an item found in bathroom suites uk or other European countries. If you reside in the states there are some overseas locations that you can purchase a bidet. Simply search online (just do a search for bathroom suits b&q or wickes bathroom suites) for you European style enthusiasts. Here are examples of additional sized sets and what items they consist of are located below.

  • TOILET, SHOWER, SINK (The normal bathroom suite set up)
  • Or any other variations of the above listed items


Now let’s go over the main benefit of buying a complete bathroom suite and not purchasing piece by piece. First there is the cost aspect of buying the items piece by piece. This is generally much more expensive in the long run. When you can essentially save money when you purchase a cost effective cheap bathroom suites package. The second benefit of buying a bathroom suite is that normally these will come from the same manufacturer and normally will have the same design types on each piece. So, if the toilet has a decorative seat (something like a raised shell design) the tub and sink will match with this shell style design. Keep in mind that one of the most difficult things to do when buying your bathroom components by the piece is matching the color of each piece, or the design on each piece. Who wants to spend money on a bathroom set, only to get it home and the white toilet you just purchased is a different shade then your tub or sink etc. The easiest way to overcome this would be to purchase everything in the standard white color. I know what you’re thinking, who wants a bathroom that looks like you are at a public facility when you are at home doing your business, right? There are also options for coloured bathroom suites that have a wide variety of color ranges to choose from. This can ensure that your new bathroom looks nice and everything matches, down to the decorative deisgns.

American Standard Toilet
American Standard Toilet

Now the downside to purchasing a bathroom suite instead of each component separately is the upfront price of a complete set. These suites can generally cost anywhere from $300.00 to upward of thousands when considering styles and sizes of the pieces within the bathroom suites. Some options for people that still want to buy a bathroom suite other than each piece individually and are concerned about the upfront cost of such a purchase, would be to keep an eye out for a bathroom suites sale. Maybe keep an eye out for older models that are going to be discontinued or maybe scratch and dent (toilet fill bowl could have a chip at the top inside or on the back that would be a hidden cosmetic flaw anyway). There are always deals to be had, and it never hurts to ask your local store or online shop if you are on a tight budget!

Bathroom Sink
Bathroom Sink

If you just don’t have the money to purchase a full bathroom suite, and you decide that purchasing individual pieces one at a time is the route you are going to go, Try to keep these things in mind. Buy all items from the same manufacturer; try to buy the sink from manufacturer (A) and the bathtub from manufacturer (A) as well, in order to have the best chances at matching your bathroom items up! Make sure they have matching pieces that are sold, so that you can make your own bathroom suite one piece at a time. Make sure you save the color that was printed on the box; off white, ivory etc. this will help to match color later, and if there is a style type or model type associated with the first piece then keep that information to match for pieces you buy at a later date!

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