Bathroom Rugs buyer guide

Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs are usually made of some sort of absorbent material and are designed to keep you from sloshing the water all over the tile or linoleum in the bathroom. Bathroom rugs can also prevent water from getting onto the floor and ruining the tile, wood or whatever flooring you may have. Having bathroom rugs can essentially prevent mold too. They are also designed for comfort when walking on them in bare feet. ย That is by far my favorite! There are many shapes and sizes of bathroom rugs, and bathroom rugs sets that we will cover in this article.

Bathroom Rugs
Bathroom Rugs

There are three main factors when you are looking to purchase a bathroom rug. This includes: Slip resistance, absorbency and most importantly the color! Slip resistance is the safety measure of the rug. Rugs that include this feature usually have a rubber cushion or mat on the bottom of the rug itself. Separate mats are available to put under a bathroom rug, just in case your rug did not come with the anti-slip rubber mat pre-installed and sometimes these can be purchased in bathroom rugs and mats set. Absorbency is important because this prevents water from reaching the floor, and can help prevent mold growth within the bathroom. Bathroom rugs come in a wide variety of colors and are generally matched to the bathroom paint or picture scheme. Other red accents (photo frames, borders, painted crown molding, or sponged prints) in the bathroom with a matching red bathroom rug can make that plain white bathroom really pop. This little addition can really make a difference, and is very cost effective. Or a yellow bathroom rugs that matches the yellow painted walls would be another matching option to make your bathroom look its best for not much cash out of pocket.

Bathroom Rugs
Bathroom Rugs

There are large bathroom rugs for larger homes, round bathroom rugs, bathroom rugs sets with multiple pieces and just an overall huge variety selections to choose from. All bathroom rugs are typically made out of 5 different materials Cotton, Nylon, Chenille, Polyester and Bamboo. Cotton bathroom rugs are comfortable to touch, can come with or without the aforementioned slip resistance mats, and are available in a wide variety shapes and colors. Nylon Rugs are comfortable to the touch, almost always come with slip resistance bottoms and are also available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Polyester rugs sometimes come with slip resistance backs, are very durable and have a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Nylon rugs come in a wide variety of shapes and colors are absorbent and usually have a rubber backing. Bamboo rugs can have rubber stoppers or backings. However, these do no really absorb excess water; just more divert the water and have limited colors to select from. Some bamboo rugs look very appealing and are one of the items that can take a bathroom from drab to fab!

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  3. I found the bathroom rugs buyers guide to be fantastic and I purchased the yellow, green, brown and red striped one you have displayed via your amazon link. This guide was amazing and you have some real nice rugs displayed here

  4. I purchased the rugs shown in the top of this article, I was looking at Bambo but after reading this article I changed my mind. Thank you for this detailed information.

  5. I own that rug set myself Rhamid, it goes with a variety of colors and flat out makes the bathroom pop!

  6. Charlene this seems to be a favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

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