Getting to know Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops can also be referred to as a bathroom vanity countertop. The counter top to a bathroom can have a major impact on the overall style and feel of the bathroom, because this is usually the main focal point of the bathroom. Normally the bathroom counter top is the very last thing you will see, before exiting through the bathroom door.

Marble Bathroom Counter Top
Marble Bathroom Counter Top

When looking to just replace the countertop alone, you will want to make sure it has some of the same colors or designs as the current bathroom.  Just because it looks good in the store does not mean it will look good in your bathroom. One way to avoid this mishap is to take pictures with your camera or phone of some pieces that you are interested in. Then, take these home hold and view them in contrast to your current bathroom for matching purposes.

There are some key factors to consider when making your bathroom counter top purchase. The first thing to consider is Style. Meaning the countertop can have engraved edges or be made of expensive material such as marble or granite. You will also want to consider the things that can be spilled or placed on the surface of your countertop. Do you have messy kids?  Things like toothpaste, shaving gel and hot curling or flat irons can harm certain types of counter tops. The last thing to consider is the price difference for the countertops. There are many types and materials used to create a luxurious bathroom countertop and most major hardware chains or show rooms have selections view.

There are granite bathroom countertops are simply gorgeous! They come in various shades and can be custom colored to whatever you would like.

Granite Counter Top
Granite Counter Top

There are two main types of granite counter tops. There is one piece (slab) variety, which is very heavy and awkward to work with.  Depending on how big the slab of granite is, this can make it next to impossible to get it up a stair case or find a vanity to hold such a heavy piece of granite. Often times the floor may not even hold the weight of these countertops. Granite countertops may also require a sealant to be applied, due to moisture content that will get on the surface.

Marble bathroom countertops are also very beautiful and come in a variety of styles and colors. As a matter of fact no two pieces of marble are typically the same. Marble counter tops are a great choice for that amazing looking bathroom you desire and primarily do not usually weigh as much as their granite counterparts. However, the marble countertops are even more porous than the granite ones. Since the marble is so porous, it can be stained by things such as tooth paste or shaving gel. Once this countertop has been stained, it can be virtually impossible to get the mark off the surface. There are sealers available to help protect the marble though and these should be applied upon installation. To assist in ensuring the protection of marble countertop, the application will need to be reapplied every few years. This will ensure your marble countertop is protected and remains beautiful for years to come.

A quartz bathroom countertop is comparable in beauty as Marble and Granite. This is a man-made stone that has been engineered to be much more forgiving to stains then granite or marble. Quartz counter tops also have a preset finish. So while a sealant is not necessary for a quartz countertop, it can be applied to aide in the protection of the surface. There are many styles and colors to choose from too. The only con to a Quartz countertop is that it can cost nearly as much as it’s marble and granite counterparts.

Quartz Bathroom Counter Top
Quartz Bathroom Counter Top

Next up are laminate bathroom counter tops, and these are the most common types found all over the world today. These counter tops are primarily made from paper with a plastic type surface. Laminate surfaces resist stains very well and are much easier to install. Laminate countertops are also an inexpensive choice when compared to some of the other materials countertops are made from. There are a few downsides to this countertop though and most can be avoided with proper installation of the laminate. If water penetrates the backside or underside of the laminate countertop it will swell and be ruined and then must be replaced.

Corian bathroom countertops come in nearly any style or color that you can imagine. These countertops are made of stone and acrylic polymers. These countertops are easy to clean, you can get them wet without worry and they won’t stain effortlessly. Corian bathroom countertops can scratch and need to be buffed to remove these scratches. Heat can also degrade this countertop and discolor the surface. Price would be the main disadvantage of purchasing this type of countertop.

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  1. I was looking for a guide on bathroom countertops when I found your guide. Let me just say that these articles not only helped me decide what to buy, but saved me money when purchasing my new countertop.

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